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Décision & Analyse de Données



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Cette page regroupe des informations utiles concernant l’option DAD. Vous y trouverez notamment une présentation de l’option ainsi que des sujets d’IMPACT et de stages.

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Contacter le responsable : pierre.chainais at ec-lille.fr

Resp. : Pierre Chainais

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Partenariat avec le Master 2 Mathématiques Appliquées Université Lille 1 :

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Les sujets de l’an passé sont disponibles.

A cutting edge Big Data curriculum.

Ecole Centrale Lille, one of the top engineering schools in France is teaching one of the first Master programs in Data Analysis & Decision making (DAD) to prepare high level engineers to the Big Data revolution.

A dense and top level content is taught to 24 selected and reactive students. The courses introduce state of the art data analytics approaches both from the theoretical and the applied sides with lots of labs. In parallel, our students can attend a Master 2 in Probability & Statistics in partnership with University Lille 1. Our engineers can improve their computer science and mathematical skills thanks to an innovative pedagogy (challenges, active research...), personal projects and a deep contact with specialized companies.

Highly connected to research, this DAD program is made possible in Lille thanks to the presence of a strong community of researchers from several CNRS & INRIA labs. Besides programming, machine learning and statistical modeling, students get familiar with business analytics, image processing... Forthcoming courses will include Hadoop, data privacy...

Feeding industry & research with Big Data experts, DAD'ers are recruited in top level Big Data companies in France and abroad.